Lessons and Classes


Our school is mobile so that we can select the best conditions in Bermuda for your sailing.
Lessons are private and can be booked for an individual or for your group of up to six.

Lessons are two hours long. Students are asked to arrive 15mins before the start of a lesson to make the most of their time on the water.

Groups up to 3 sailors will have their own board for the lesson. Groups from 4-6 students will share 3 boards between them.


Classes are two hour sessions held with a group of up to 3 sailors of similar level.  Classes are purchased in a block of 4 sessions and never expire.  You will receive emails about classes that you may chose to take part in as they become available.

What you need for your session

Life jackets are provided and water shoes are necessary.  Bring your own water shoes or old sneakers.  If you don’t have anything suitable some will be available for purchase, please just let me know in advance to ensure I have your size on hand for your lesson. Please bring water to drink during any breaks that we may take or for after your lesson.  Students are urged to be SunSmart and wear protective clothing, use sunscreen, and wear a hat you don’t mind getting wet!