Upwind Sports is a mobile windsurf school dedicated to re-energizing the sport of windsurfing in Bermuda. Bermuda is a great place to windsurf with plenty of breeze, but not from a consistent direction. By being mobile Upwind Sports can offer the best venues for sailing given the conditions of the day.

Lessons available to individuals or groups of up to six. If you are keen to learn I would urge you to find a friend or friends who are also interested to join in. There are many stages in the advancement of learning to windsurf. Cracking these challenges can be very rewarding, especially alongside friends who can spur each other along. At the young age of 43 I started windsurfing along with my two sons Peter and Oliver. The experience of learning challenging skills together is incredibly rewarding. The sport has led us on some incredibly fun adventures around the world. I am excited to be able to introduce people to this sport in the hopes that they may experience some of the rewards that I have discovered in windsurfing.

Windsurfing can be many different things – a slow cruise around the bay, a race as fast as you dare sail, jumping as high off a wave as you can fly, riding down the face of a wave leaving the power of the wind behind, learning tricks that spin the the body, board, and sail around dancing across the surface of the water. These are all windsurfing and it can be whatever you want it to be.